Unblinding gender for Winning Girls!

Unblinding gender in finance for Winning Girls!

Do stereotypes influence our choices? Are Winning Girls aware? 

Answering these questions is particularly important at a young age. Indeed, high school students’ choices today may shape career opportunities tomorrow. Are Winning Girls conscious of how stereotypes may influence their choices?

Why gender stereotypes matter?

Gender stereotypes may blur the process of information gathering. They may also contribute to self-censoring, preventing young girls to choose careers in finance.  How can female young students become conscious of this?

A workshop to become conscious of stereotypes

The founders of Gender & Finance, Professor François Longin and Professor Estefania Santacreu-Vasut will soon host a workshop at ESSEC Business School addressed to female high school students with three aims:

  1. guiding them in their future choices
  2. making them aware of existing stereotypes
  3. empowering them in their decision-making processes

Practical information and novelty

  • When? On June 15th 2018
  • Where? In the K-Lab of ESSEC Business School thanks to a simulation from Sim Trade
  • Who? Participants will be composed of a group of female high school students of the Winning Girls Project association created by its president Laurence Moncourrier 
  • Why? Because stereotypes may influence decision-making at an early stage by creating expectations, reinforcing gender norms and influencing career orientation
  • What is new? Traditionally, the “Gender & Finance” workshop has been addressed to graduates and professionals. This will be the first time that high school students participate in our workshops!

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