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The mission statement of our project is “Unblinding gender in finance, from the classroom to the trading floor.” We believe that making the gender dimension salient can create value for individuals, institutions and society in general.

We propose to lead “Gender & Finance” workshops at your institution. The aim of these workshops is to increase employees’ awareness of gender issues and to transform their views on this subject.

Organisation of workshops

A workshop typically lasts about three hours and brings together around fifteen people. The workshop is composed of two parts:

In the first part (1h30), each individual participates in a behavioral finance experiment: using the SimTrade simulation tool, each participant plays the role of a trader in a trading room. SimTrade is a serious game, which is both educational and fun, allowing participants to familiarize themselves with financial markets: orders, stock market prices, information flows, etc. In SunCar simulation, he / she will have to react to events – buy or sell shares or do nothing – and in particular to a gender-related event: the appointment of the next CEO of the company, a man or a woman according to the variants of the simulation.

Gender & Finance workshop

In the second part (1h30), we begin by debriefing the experiment of behavioral finance and present the first results of the experiment. This is the starting point of a discussion around gender. Both structured and open, the discussion allows a number of gender issues to be addressed. The themes and objectives of the second part can be defined in advance with the institution itself. Each workshop will be the subject of a report (result of the experiment and feed-back of the discussion).

Gender & Finance workshop

The workshop requires that each participant to be equipped with a computer connected to the internet. The workshop can be conducted in French or English.


Prof. François Longin

Prof. François Longin
Finance Departement – ESSEC Business School

Estefania Santacreu-Vasut ESSEC Business School

Prof. Estefania Santacreu-Vasut
Economics Department – ESSEC Business School

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