Winning Girls – June 2018

Gender & Finance

The Gender & Finance Workshop will take place on Friday June 15th 2018 at ESSEC Business School K-Lab located in ESSEC Cergy campus. The workshop is part of the Winning Girls Project.

Experiment in financial markets

We present below recent results from our research in gender and finance.


SimTradeWe use the SimTrade simulation platform freely available on SimTrade is a tool used to teach and learn finance, and a tool used for research to conduct experiments to better understand the behavior of individuals in terms of financial decisions.

The originality of SimTrade is to propose simulations with a platform to buy and sell stocks. Like traders in a trading room of an investment bank, SimTraders live a full trading day (10 minutes at your watch) with exciting trading opportunities, stock market prices going up and down, positive and negative news announcements about firms and in the economy that have to be interpreted.


Prof. François Longin

Prof. François Longin
Finance Departement – ESSEC Business School

Estefania Santacreu-Vasut ESSEC Business School

Prof. Estefania Santacreu-Vasut
Economics Department – ESSEC Business School