Gender & Finance at the 3rd SEHO Conference

Gender & Finance at the Third SEHO conference

Gender & Finance participated to the Third SEHO Conference which took place in Lisbon on May 27-28 2019. We presented our experiment on the stock market reaction to CEO appointments as function of gender.

Experiments and gender

Joao Peixo威而鋼 to from ISEG chaired the session on “Experiments about Household Decision-Making”. Because gender is a key aspect of household analysis, all the experiments presented at the session had a gender component.

During the session we presented our paper Stock Market Reaction to Female CEO Appointments: Is the Market Gendered? which is based on a lab experiment.

CEO appointments by gender and aspirations

The keynote speakers of the conference were excellent, and we learned a lot. For instance, Professor Shelly Lundberg discussed the role of aspirations to stimulate more gender equal career paths. Because we study the impact of the appointment of a female or male CEO, our research contributes to understand what are the barriers to the creation of female role models that can influence the aspirations of future generations.

Gender in different cultures

Regarding our paper, we were proud to receive very positive feedback from session participants. Furthermore, we received interest in collaboration in the Portuguese environment. Indeed, it would be interesting to undertake our experiments in different cultural environments.

Female CEO and household gender issues

In future work we plan to study the impact of female CEO appointments by adding household related information (marriage status, children, etc…). Therefore, we will soon organize new experiments.

Contact us for more information or for research collaborations! And check our presentation slides!


Presentation on gender and finance

Prof. François Longin and Prof. Santacreu-Vasut
ESSEC Business School

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