Gender & Finance Portrait Series #4 – Aurélie Cohen – Head of Investor Relations

Aurélie Cohen Euronext

Hello everyone! Today, I offer you the opportunity to discover the world of investor relations jobs through an interview with Aurélie Cohen from Euronext. Enjoy the reading, next portrait is coming in March…

Describe your current position

“I am the head of investor relations and financial communication at Euronext. I am responsible for the strategy and the execution of the financial communication that means taking care of quarterly publications, regulatory and daily financial communications and publication of information about M&A operations. Besides, I am also in charge of the communication on the conglomerate’s strategy through the organization of investor day events. I am the reference point for investors, shareholders or financial analysts that would like to get financial or strategic information on Euronext.

What attracted you to finance? How did you start?

I have always been attracted by mathematics and numbers. Finance is the concrete application of them to the business world. So, I began as an auditor at Ernst & Young before moving to financial advisory at ADP Group first and then at Euronext.

What is your advice for young female student or professionals?

Meet as many people as possible to get an idea of the variety of opportunities within the corporate finance world that isn’t only about financial controlling and M&A advisory. Then, before going into a position, you should meet people from that firm and not only people involved in the recruitment process. No position is the same across firms in finance, a similar job name could hide highly different daily basis from thriving position to a bored one. Finally, I advise you to be confident as a woman with your qualities and be as straightforward as possible with the difficult question about family expectations. Today, the main part of companies and managers understand the relevance of the work-life balance.

Portrait produced in February 2020 by Maude Culis-Féry, ESSEC Student and M&A Intern at BNP Paribas.

Next portrait

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